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November 18, 2006


In the words of Pauly..use a brick..you don't want to hurt your hand.


Ya know, I always wonder how we make it out of this season without killing people. I really do think this will be the year I tell someone off at the Target.

Did I tell you about the 'older' woman who left her wallet on the counter at Beverly's (craft store) and went outside with the cashier? I just stood there, waiting my turn and thinking how stupid/trusting/naive she was. Turned out she was a local. Shoulda known.

/falls over

When do we see the fancies that you bought for George?

Ann is absolutely right! Go get a brick and come out slappin'! Don't ever hurt your hand cause of someone else's stupidity...

If I go shopping at this time of the year, I just kinda go with the expectation that everyone's going to be crazy and figure that way I'll fit right in *G*

I won't set foot in Target after September and before February :-)

Your Saturday Sky photos are fantastic!

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