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November 29, 2006


Pretty scarf. George looks great in it.

How cool that you got to meet him. He seems like such a great person and a terrific sense of humor--he was one of my favorite characters in the Xena and Hercules series.
I bet the recipient of the scarf is going to feel extra special when they see this picture :). Very cool!

My oldest cat threw up on my Red Scarf yarn. I did not take a picture LOL but I did get new yarn. It's really hard to wash throwup out of a skein of yarn. Maybe I won't mention it.
I think your person will be much happier with your picture.

The red really brings out the brown in George's eyes.

Btw, you need to explain this whole thing to my boy. *L*

Gorgeous scarf. Somebody is going to love it. Wow 6' long...mine is only about 2':(
You must send a picture of George with the scarf as well.

youve met bruce campbell?!!
i love him. i especially loved him when he did his cameos for xena and hercules
and one of my fave movies is Bubba Ho Tep. He plays Elvis.

I love the scarf! George looks so warm and stylin'!

George looks great with that scarf! And did you succeed in freaking out the neighbors?


//runs away screaming....///

Oh man, do I feel lame with my red scarf pix -- just hanging on the neighbor's fence. Great scarf, great story.

Great scarf and wonderful idea to give the life story.

Nice guy to agree to a picture for the charity. Not everyone would do that.

OMG! Totally cool scarf - totally scary - thing! LOL
How cool that you got to meet the actor dude. That is one well traveled scarf. What a great story for the lucky person that gets it!

Ok, hoe did I ever miss this post with Bruce Campbell? I think I've seen every bad movie he's ever been in? I mean, how can you pass up a scene of him strapping a chain sow to his wrist after he's had his hand removed? It's legendary.
He should have posed with George.

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