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November 22, 2006


Damn that's a great picture! lol

I'm really glad you like it. I had fun with this colorway but have wondered what everyone else would think. I knew the swag would be loved though! She actually did that sock card JUST for us!

You're going to make socks for me out of that yarn, right? My birthday is coming...

Love the yarn. Love/want the swag. Lovin' that George.

Cool swag.
George looks dashing in his new hat. I think he needs a pompom on the little spikey thing, though.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Oh darn Cookie asked for socks before I could, and since you know her personally I guess she wins!!! That's some beautiful stuff there. George is a perfect model. Nice hat. BTW - George needs to eat a sandwich. He's far too skinny!! *laugh*

Happy Thanksgiving. Did the pumkin die appropriately?

George is a nice looking guy.

I just LOVE Scout's swag! I wish I had made it into this round, but maybe next time. What will you make with the yarn?

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