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November 17, 2006


Oh, sista, I hear ya loud and clear. As a recovering Catholic, I've been able to see the partiarchial coverup that is the Christian movement. Luckily, it has run it's course, and is now on the way out. (YAY!) It's a closed little incestuous group of ped0philes, each worse than the next, and covering up for one another.
On a different note, your photos are beautiful. I, too, have been known to whip it out all over the place. I love camera. (2200 photos in a month isn't many, right?) And TKK is looking like, "Um, my bed. I'm resting. It doesn't need this cleaning thing you keep going on about." lol Little sweetie.
So, you go with your bad self and not worry about the nasty impending post-Thanksgiving stuff. (I hate them myself, and prefer the year-round gifting instead.)

I suddenly feel the need to whip mine out to keep up with you two...

Bah humbug...I used to love Christmas...when the kids were little it was wonderful...now..not so much...I'm with you two, I would rather give to those I care about all year long.


Get outta my head!

Btw, my personal favorite was the catholic uncle of mine who was always nagging me about going to mass. Meanwhile, he had a woman and another whole family worth of kids on the side.

I will be so happy when all this seasnal whoring for money is over.

Could you put the cat bed in a pillow case and use hair ties to keep it shut? Might help keep the fuzzies out of the washer.

Love the scarf, love you, lovin' that fab cat, love Dave whippin' it out, love that sky.

/falls over

My husband and I got married within two years of meeting, so we never got the "when you getting hitched" questions. We waited a long time before having kids. I was so sick & tired of being asked if I was pregnant, or why I wasn't. People can be so terribly rude. What makes them think they can ask such personal questions. It's a matter of choice, and we all have our own ideas.
Oh, and Holiday shopping puts everyone in a grumpy mood, doesn't it??

When I get asked "When are you two getting married?" I answer, "Why ruin a good thing?"

When I find or make something I want to gift, I gift it right away. Life is too short to horde expressions of affection.

Thanks for the charity knit links. Another one, for anyone interested, is Kaps for Kendall (http://www.kapsforkendall.com/).

Love your sky pix!

Aren't blogs wonderful!?! You can get all that stuff that I call "black bile" out of your system so it won't fester. Speak out at what irks! A strong opinon is better than no examination of one's life and the doings of others. The holidays give me pains as well, for many reasons you lit upon and others.

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