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November 20, 2006


Hey, anything that works for you. Stress relief is a very personal thing. Want to come clean my stove?

Too much vanilla extract? Sounds like it's time to start baking in that newly-cleaned stove. Start wtih cookies, please.
And what's wrong with an Amazon Christmas? I gave my honey my Amazon list...you know, as a place to start. Beacuse, most guys (gay and straight) can be crappy gift-shoppers. (Just my opinion, your honey may be different.)

I agree with Dave. I also think it's a very rare man who can mail shit. Don't get me started. o.0

Cleaning can be very relaxing. I think it helps that you can see what you've gotten done with your time when you clean. It's not really like that when you spend your afternoon doing e-mail. *L*

Loving that hat.

The hat looks so cute!

Yay for the clean stove, whatever makes you feel better.

Hey sweetie - when you're done with your stove, could you bring your toothbrush over and work on mine? I'd be eternally grateful.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Present shopping?? What you don't wait for the day before Chrismtas?? bwahahaha

I have to tell you that I'm scared to death to go back to work on Monday. The coworker who sits closest to me will start playing Christmas music then. She and I are both Christian but still it's way too early for me for all the trappings. I'm kind of a quite Christmas celebrant. I'll have to turn up all my radio selections or bring in my cd's.

When are you doing your traveling cleaning spree in PA, eh??? *laugh*

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