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November 27, 2006


Bah humbug!

I have it easy compared to Stephanie. Although, I'm starting to think all I do is knit hats and socks. I started a red scarf last night as a break from the socks. o.0 Still don't have much of anything to show, either. /sigh

Love that George.

Geaorge is always the center of attention. And TKK, too. George needs a little green. Maybe a holly necklace? Or a GREEN SCARF!! YES!
Christmas shopping? I think I'll be skipping that this year. (Unemployment has it's priviledges, ya know.)

I agree, George needs a necklace.
Perhaps a light-up bulb necklace?
He could work the Christmas colors.
And brava for the poem! No apologies to Clement Moore - yours is outstanding! The way I view Amazon is one item for them, one for me...isn't that how it is supposed to work?

i love george!
hes awesome!

Shopping? I should be doing some sort of shopping this time of the year. I don't think I received that memo.

I think my mouse ate it.


Does George have tentacles for legs? It looks like it in one of the pictures.

That is too funny. Wonderful hat.

Ha, very clever Amazonian Christmas...I'm coming down to that now that I realize I will have no time to make other projects, what with the edging of death and all on my mom's shawl. Oh well, at least I have all the gifts for everyone else planned for NEXT Christmas! :)

I agree with Julie, George needs a green bulb light necklace! How perfect for the little critter. I've just about gotten my shopping done. Now I have to wrap it all and get it shipped off. Still waiting for 2 shipments to arrive though. Ho Ho Ho! lol

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