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October 28, 2006


Are you sure that wasn't a Maize Maze? *giggle* I amuse myself far too much.

Gorgeous looking day.

I love your views. I just realized all those little dots on the bottom of the first photo are houses down in a valley.
We've been watching horror movies around here, too. The weather's been pretty bad, so it's a good excuse to knit and relax.

You didn't do the maze?! O.k., I'll recover. I mean hey, a corn maze in Nevada should be as unique as the one in NYC!

When do we see the pumpkins?

Happy almost-Halloween!

I'm trying to catch up with everything. That drop stitch scarf is beautiful and it's funny when you don't want a dropped stitch to run and you can't stop it but when you want it to run you have to force it, ironic, eh?

The halloween cat LOL!! Love your views and the quilt from Dave is beautiful.

Love that cat!

/falls over

What a beautiful view you have!

Hey Knitty! Nice day in Nevada on Saturday, huh? :) I spent it inside furiously working on my Fiddlesticks Garden Shawl and watching really dumb movies. No scary ones, I swore of those a loooong time ago. I hate how they stick in my head and make me scared of the dark. Have fun carving pumpkins!

Lovely Saturday Sky photos! Love that blue sky and golden leaves!

Lovely picture of Old Rose. She needs a little more white snow!
Did you go to the pumpkin patch out on Mill St. The son, Frankie, suppose now Frank went to school with my children. Every year the parents would bring a truckful of pumpkins to school, one for each child!

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