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October 23, 2006


Wow, that was some GREAT reading. Youse two know your fun - all that yarn and fiber and...pencils. (Loved theline about still hating kids, but it's Halloween. lol)
And, yeah, like you need arm-twisting to buy yarn. Yeah.
And what is it with all the wild chickens out that way?
Sometime, we should alal write how we met one another. I'm SURE you both have quite the story to tell.

Ya'll, she was literally bouncing in the Borders. She's just too cute.

The bag's name? Mine! ? *L*

Lemme know if you need any more of that yarn. I can always go back and get you more. /enabler

Frog Pond is going to be selling their products online soon. Then you'll really be able to have a good time. ;^)

Oh, and your photo does not do that bamboo roving justice. /Meanie

I had so much fun with you. Next time we're going somewhere else/better for lunch. *L* And I'm packing water with me.

Oh! And you forgot to mention the smallish child in the Hello Kitty store with us when you dropped the F-Bomb. *L* That was the only reason I cared. Lemme know if you want that two story bento box. I can totally go get it for you.

I still want an apple head panda... and, yes, I did tell boy about that. :p

Thank you for coming down and letting me take you hostage for a few hours.


For someone who doesn't like kids you sure pack a good goodie bag!

My favorite part is where you distracted cookie with cute boys, and snatched up the crafty goods.

So did you get X-rays of your arm when "she" broke it because she forced you to buy? *wink*

Looks like you two had a wonderful time. I love those kind of days.

Have fun on halloween and you might want to buy some ear plugs when the kidlets open their bags and shriek when they see the spiders. LOL

Loved your comments, Otter, my sister lives in Sacramento. I have to get to that store in Fair Oaks. It looks wonderful.
Where are the wild chickens? What shopping center?
Another sister of mine lives in Burlingame. They have wild parrots.
I think I've mentioned I have a cabin up at Donner Lake. The spooks never bother me. It's the bears I worry about! And trying to find a place to park at Jimmy Beans!!!!

ummm..just one thing missing from both of your blogs...

Where is the picture of you two?

Yeah...I wanna see that!

What an awesome day! I love the garden bunnies. I will need to get some like those for my yard.

Hi there!

Wandered over from Cookie's post. Thought i'd read your side of the story. Heehee!!

Sounds like you two really had a blast! Thanks for sharing about your day.

Love that Artyarn! So far those are my favorite socks that i've knit...out of that yarn. They're so very soft and warm.

Dave doesn't have you hand spinning bobbin loads yet? Hmmm. He's slacking!! J/K


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