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October 30, 2006


Sounds like lovely neighbors. Pine cone fight doesn't sound that fun, but if there's a bonfire anyway, may as well throw a couple pine cones in there for amusement.

Ah, nothing says lovin' like a good woodland pine cone fight! LOVE those. And acorns count, too. They just leave those little marks where they hit the skin. Beautiful scenic photo.
The Plymouth Yarn is nice. I've got to get to a BIG yarn shop sometime instead of the fancy LYS. That's some nice stuff.

Maybe the hawk is trying to LURE the kitty..... We have one that sits on the swingset -- looking for rabbits.

i could not find your email addy so i am leaving a message here. btw pine cone fights can be fun and that picture of the lake is lovely.

my red scarf i did not have too many problems dropping the stitches. but i didnt use the same yarn either. i dont know what kind of yarn it was as i lost the label but i think its an acrylic blend of some sort. i know its machine washable:)
but the drop stitches make it much softer then it was in just the ribbing.
but it was fun to knit and even more fun to the drop the stitches after my moment of panic:)

I hate those people. You haven't been alone at night since you arrived in Reno. Yes, I keep track of this kind of thing. You were alone for a while in Ohio, but I'm not sure that counted all things considered...

Love that park. /falls over

Our cats are having the same time telling issue. I don't blame them. I spent the first 22 years of my life living in a state that didn't follow daylight savings time. Weird doesn't begin to describe how I still feel about running around my house changing all the clocks.

I Lurve spending time at home alone. I love my dearest, but I love my alone time, too. Don't get too spooked!

Ugh with the nasty neighbors. I've lived in situations like that, where they are making your life hell, and you just wish they would move. Sorry sweetie!

I second the comment above about the hawk stalking the cat...I wouldn't put it past the hawk to take a swipe at the kitty, so keep an eye on him while he's outside!

No accounting for stupid neighbors. We had horrible neighbors once and so I know how stressful that can be when "home" should mean comfort, safety and be a cocoon for family. Hopefully they are just stupid and not any more dangerous than they have been.

I kind of thought you liked spooky? Have you seen the previews for the IMAX movie Happy Feet? Animated tap dancing Penguins - too cute. That will take your mind of spooky.

Take care.

Great picture of the pond at Davis Creek Park. We used to go there all the time when the kids were small. And what's with that hawk?

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