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October 26, 2006


I really do like that scarf. You're doing well with the sock. Do I need to send you remover? *L*

I vote you just fall over, but that's my plan for the afternoon.


You know, I am SO lovin' that Paton's stuff. I wish we had a place that sold it around here. Too many snobby yarn shops.
Yarn remover = sandpaper. Works for me.

It's called sock-tober not socks-tober so I think one sock is enough to qualify. ;)

I was wondering about that SWS. It's a beautiful scarf!

so i took your pattern and knit my own scarf.
i found your site from yarnharlot. and i love the pattern:) although when i pulled mine out it looks different of course i used a different yarn. if you check on my blog later this afternoon there will be a picture or two :)

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