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September 14, 2006


I hope I'm awake when you finally crash.

Okay, not really on subject, though I'm happy you got into your sock club.

I'm a Reno local, just found your site yesterday. I don't have a blog, though reading so many of them makes me think I should one day, and then I can join the Nevada Knitters ring. Until then, I'm just looking for others as obsessed with knitting as I am. I couldn't find your e-mail address on your blog, so I'm leaving this in your comments section and hope you will e-mail me about your favorite local resources, yarny and otherwise! Mainly I'm looking for a snarky, fun stitch n'bitch group, or others who might be interested in forming one.

Hey! I used to live in Reno!
haha You weren't alone camping out there counting down the minutes and hitting refresh every 30 seconds :) I snagged myself a 6-month membership too. I can't wait!

I love it when you are all excited! Enjoy the thrill of your goodies to come.

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