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September 09, 2006



Did you get any roving? Don't forget what's really important, Otter!

Oh, and congrats, love the feather and the scarf. Remind me to e-mail the rude thought I had regarding the Jesus balloon. *L*


Well, you certainly know how to live it up! Very cool pics. Now I have to google about camel races. Too weird not to know more. ;)

Such a great post. And I LOVE the spicy Bloody, always room for that.
Did you kow ostrich makes for great eating? Really it does. Even on the BBQ.
Hey, that's that yarn? The coloration is great. I can think of a few things that it would be great for.
Congratulations on your win all your whole groovy weekend!

You get added to my bloglines JUST for saying "Jesus Fucking Christ"

I love you.

And all of those balloons come here soon!

Shit Shit Shit Shit!

I wanted to go see the balloons. Wonder if they will be there tomorrow. Guess I will have to google it and see. I hate to be in a hug crown with the kids, but they would LOVE to see that.

And thank you for the cow balloon picture. I know HAVE to go see it :-)
Really, wouldn't you if they had an otter balloon? :-)

And I LOVE that yarn you starte the scarf with. Did ya get it in reno?

Yup, they are in reno tomorrow. Guess where we will be :-)

Wow! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing all of the fantastic photos. Squidette comments "boy, she got a lot done on that scarf!"

WOW..talk about eye candy. A few years ago for some odd reason they had some sort of balloon race not far from the cornfields..it was too cool...I needed you there for running commentary though.

Love the scarf and the yarn...what the heck is it?

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