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September 20, 2006


>>Nothing is really safer. Just stupider.<<

I completely agree!! I used to love flying now I shudder at the thought of it. Your scarf is turning out nicely however!

I know that yarn. *L*

Look who's in charge? Are you really surprised?


So glad you're home safe. ♥

***OH!*** I hope you are recovering quickly! Have a many tentacled hug (in all the acceptable places!)

Jaysum. Sounds like a lovely time. Glad you're home safe and sound.

Yeah, I hear all that. And is there any wonder I want OUT of the travel industry???(And I work in the low end of the spectrum, too.)
Glad you are safe and sound. You know, you can always use the scarf as a weapon of self defense. You know, in an emergency. I think that's legal.
Of course, someone from the goverment is going to find this post of yours and shut Typepad down.

I'm sorry...I am very sympathetic, but your post had me giggling outloud. It's not that I am giggling at your pain..but the whole search visual struck me as so funny..

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be on a plane for Florida...I am very afraid...



I'm sorry you had to endure that Airport yuckiness.... just so you know (for future ventures) if you get a one way ticket to anywhere, you get special security attention. When a flight is cancelled and they (finally!) rebook you on another flight, it is always a one-way ticket. So, besides being totally ticked that you missed your original flight that was part of a round-trip ticket, you get to get hassled trying to rebook AND getting through security.

Bumped passengers are sure-fire terrorists, doncha know.

I speak from experience -- when I asked why I, my 14 yo son, and my 68 yo mother had to endure that idiocy, I was told the one way ticket is what put us in that special security line. Sucks - big time

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