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September 13, 2006


Wonderful color, you done good. [Insert silly dance here.] The breakfast looks especially scrumptious. Never heard of that twice cooked peaches thingy. Twice cooked pork, yes.
It's so great to see you SO happy. Life is good.

Lovely dye job Otter! Great coffe is like champagne in this house. MFB was just talking to his Mom, they're comming for a visit in 8 days in counting. The counting is because they are bringing our supply of champagne. Tim Horton's coffee. We opened our last tin the other day and almost freaked. I know Seattle is known for their coffee - but we're partial to Timmy's!!!

I think it's time to switch to water, sweetie.

Nice yarn.

Is this week over yet? o.0

I just love it when people toss out hexidecimal codes in a knitting blog...

I like the new and improved red..I agree it is not easy to photograph.

That's it. Come down from the ceiling now. It's o.k. ...

The yarn looks much better and breakfast looked great. Want to cook for me?

Ann, she's a geek who knits. The hexi-codes are a normal part of life.

Yeah, normal is totally relative. *L*

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