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September 27, 2006


Love that yarn!

I think our weird summer weather played a part in the pumkins not growing up, sweetie. Hopefully, next year, they will do better for you.

Now I have to go find dinner. I'm all hungry for some reason...

Hey, Norma's dog Vincent wasn't helping to water the pumpkin patch, did he?
I LOVE the yarns you made, and now I can't wait to see these amazing socks.
Thank you for the anniversary kudos.

I'm so sorry about your pumpkin patch. We had one when I was very young. I loved this time of year when we got to pick one out to carve up.

Just think about your cool yarn to distract you.

Nice yarn -- sorry about the pumpkins! I will get your package in the mail this weekend. Tee Hee!

See, I'm not the only one made hungry by a post about soup.

I love the yarn and can't wait to see the resulting socks!

What the heck do you need me for then? That's awesome!

PIE...omg...I am in serious need of pie. Pumpkin pie, lots of whip cream on top...I am sooooooooo there.

What gorgeous colors! They're gonne make some great socks!

I love the sock yarn! You know what would be great too? The knee socks in what I think is the first Stitch 'n' Bitch- if you could do them in those colors, or just black and orange, those socks would so rock!

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