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September 29, 2006


I love the sock! Love the new yarn. You can thank Sil for that, btw. She's a better enabler than I am. *L*

Could you freeze your peachy stuff? Then it could be freezer jam... right?

Now I'm hungry. *sigh*

OMG! That yarn is eve nbetter than I thought it would be. I tought it was three different skeins in yesterday's post! How cool. I like the blend of colors. They remind me of pumpkins and mums, two of my favorites for fall.
Even though I dye a lot of my own yarn, I still buy from the independent dyers, too. I have quite a nice little stash going that I've been working my way through. (Pippi's stuff is awesome, I HIGHLY recomend her stuff.) And I buy off Etsy, eBay, whatever grabs my eye. And it's true, everyone is so different in how they do their stuff.

Love the sock, love the yarn, love the peaches. Lots of love, today!!

Did you warp that yarn? To dye it?

And I want some peaches!

I love that sock yarn..it's too darn cute and adorable.

MMMmmmmmmmmmmm I love peaches and your toast and jam looks like it would be heaven to the eyes and to the tummy.

You are so darn creative!

I love your halloween socks. Perfect colors...this time of year it's so hard to get good pictures!! Food porn tooo....yummmm

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