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August 17, 2006


You call that a stash?! :-) Thanks for amusing my husband with the title of this post. The man never matured past third grade.

Holy Shit, Otter!

That's not a stash. That's a yarn store. *L*

I say if you have empty storage spaces you do not yet qualify for yarnaholics anonymous. Intervention isn't called for until you have filled the empty drawers and are now hiding yarn in teapots, empty wineglasses, inside VHS casette jackets, and coat pockets to mask the immense size of the stash. ;)

Charity knitting is near and dear to my heart....It's one of those things that you just have to find what is right for you. Then you may find that you like something better. I think the best charity that I have done things for would be Rad Bad Beanies. Hats are pretty quick to make, and I have gotten some of the sweetest thank you-s from that organization.

DAMN girl, you win for the most yarn.




That SURE IS a POOP LOAD of yarn! Holy Cow! WOW, even! There's enough yarn there to roll around in... Right, Ann??!! Hehehehehe......

(And I am VERY impressed at how organized you are with it. I guess with THAT MUCH YARN, you kinda have to be..... LOL!!!)


I think your yarn stash looks positively yummy, Otter. I love that I can do charity knitting, as well. And I totally agree with you about the opportunity to do good for others who are simply just trying to be. It’s something that we can give, and that’s truly a priceless gift. Yay for you!

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