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August 25, 2006



You sent her an amazing kit, she took photos of it, blogged about it and can't be bothered to actually tell you it arrived or thank you via e-mail?

WTF is that?

I am so sorry, honey. You deserve better than that. *hugs*


I blogged the very day it arrived. I was completely overwhelmed....and truly, I emailed you via my blog comments :-) that same day.

It was a very hard week for us last week and almost everything took a bit of a back seat after putting Maddie down.....Cookie isn't being fair, I had all I could do do get much of anything done those few days :(

I hope that your bag maker was as wonderful to you as you were to me!!!!!

That is an over-the-top package you sent! And the carrot-wrapping is fantastic, really appropriate. And I'm loving the Opal handpainted. My kind of fall colors.

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