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August 15, 2006


OK, is she wearing Kitty Kontacts? She has the GREENEST eyes I have ever seen. And the photo of her with her head on your hand is too cute.
And that knitting thing is way beyond my knitterly undderstanding. WAY BEYOND.

You have to teach me how to do the double knit thingy. Boy wants a scarf that's double knit. Yellow and black. Kill me now!

You are so good at that stuff!

I love that cat. Did wet food guy ever come back? o.0


You are such a rockstar. The kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty blanket is Fantabulous! Meow kitty!

LOL! I can sooo relate. Ceaser sits in front of the screen chasing the cursor while Cleopatra leans on my typing arm.

Aww, so cute! And I love the kitty blanket.. just found your site, from Shut Up & Knit, and it looks fun! :-)

I am not sure which made me laugh more the kitty pictures or the blanket gone wild.

Thanks for the giggles..


Awesome blanket! Very cool, indeed. And the pics of Kitty are just too wonderful. When I first got Lizzie, I would get on the floor to play with her, and she would immediatly rest her head in my hands and just stay there. She was such a skinny, thrown away dog, and it used to break my heart. She's spoiled rotten now, and I wouldn't have it any other way! She deserves it, as all out animals do!

I really enjoy your blog... u r so entertaining! I love your knitting works... so much that I have put some of your pics on my facebook as things I wanna make. thank you so much for sharing your works, you, and Kitty.


While I am glad you like My Stuff I would appreciate it if you did not take
my personal photographs for your use. They are not yours to post on your
facebook. You may NOT take them to host on your own site and you may NOT
take my hosted images in anyway. There are many resources such as ravelry
out there would you could view knit items, but to take someone else's
personal photos to put on your facebook is a bit creepy. Please stop.

Thank You for following my wishes regarding my personal images.


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