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August 21, 2006


Very, VERY cool, otter! I’m impressed. And, I also like your advice of “just do it!” Too often I immobilize myself about doing a new project because a new technique or skill shouts “noo, you can’t do it – don’t even try!” Then I try and regardless of whether or not I master the skill/technique, I promptly proceed in telling that little voice to pound sand. :-D

Holy Crap...that is one amazing swap gift. Anyone would be thrilled to receive that package.

...and you did all that sewing by hand. I can't even imagine. Congratulations on a job well don.


Well done you!

Love the stitch markers!

Ya know, once you get a sewing machine, you'll be setting the world on fire.

Damn girl. You are a rockstar! That might just be about the most awesomest package ever!!!!!

Yeah, what Ann said. Crap, that is some fun stuff. And the carrot bag should be mine! MINE! I love it. I adore it. I lust after it. And those carrot stitch markers. Girlfriend, you gotta open an Etsy store. We'll talk. Knitty Otter's Carrot Creations. I can see your name up in lights now...[Insert ponderous look facing up towards the stars...]

Beautiful purse, Otter, just beautiful.

OMG, that is too cute! I love those bags, those stitch markers, even the way you did the wraping! I haven't gotten my KSKS package yet. Could I be so lucky? But no, I'm not a Bunny, just a bunny lover!

That's a super great project! I love the little zipper pouch. Thanks for all the photos on the how-to - I'm not overly sewing literate, and every little bit helps!

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