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August 02, 2006


You've been busy. I'm very impressed with that carrot bag. I can't wait to see the kitty blankie. :D


Yeah, that carrot bag is a GDFSOB! I love it! I WANT IT!!!!!

WOW I love the KSKS bags! Very cute!

Thanks for the comments. I am hanging in there.....I am just going with denial. Works for me.

Guess where I am? Stitting on the almost top floor of the Silver Legacy! Can you see me waving?

We have a company picnic tomorrow, and we decided to come stay the night. So far the kids are LOVING it!

Soon I am headed out to find some yarn :-) of course......

Wow...the socks are great, the bag is fantastic...I think you were voted off the Bitchin' Mittens Island for being too damn good to compete.

Good stuff..I can't wait to see your mittens!


The socks and bag look great, both! Good for you on forging ahead into new and fun/challenging things. It’s inspiring for a fellow “newbie” like myself. :-)

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