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July 18, 2006


Your rainbow striped yarn is exactly what I want to do with my last skein of undyed sock yarn! I can't find every color of kool aid at the market, I'm lucky if I find lemonade and punch flavored only. Beautiful job!!

Aren't tile counters fun? o.0 Do you have room for a butcher block?

Thank you so much for this wonderul tutorial! I'm sorry TypePad ate your first one. It's been that kind of week with them. :?

Do you remember what flavor got you that pink color? So far all we can get is reds over here. :?


That's actually a great and detailed tutorial! And the yarn looks pretty darned fantastic!
Regarding writing in TypePad: DON'T! Something this important deserves to be written in Word at least, so you can save it, edit it, email it, etc. (Don't even ASK how I know this. That's why I have my own domain. Control issues.)
But this is really great!

I am not sure what part I like best, make the long thingy or have a drink. I got quite a chuckle out of it...but I understood it, we speak the same language.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the tutorial. I wandered over here from "The Amazing Lace". I've been wanting to try self striping yarn, so I guess I visited on the right day! :) Your yarn is lovely!

Awesome walk through of dying!!!! Thank you for sharing step by step....including drinkie breaks.

I am amazed at how vibrant koolaid colors are. I'm also amazed you're dyeing your own yarn. You go girl.

Um... how's the lace coming?

Hey! Look at you go, dyeing yarn and all that fun stuff. Joy! It looks great. I haven't tried to dye my own yet, but I am hoping to very soon. Now you've inspired me. :-)

Holy moly you used so many fun colors. I've done koolaid dying in the past but was only brave enough to use 2 colors :)

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