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June 02, 2006


That is a GREAT photo! I've NEVER seen my yarn in quite that...way...before.
So sorry to hear about your funk. It's understandable. I myself haven't knitted in almost a month! I am planning on getting back into it this weekend.
So, darling, lay off the catnippers, take your tea and biscotti outside and knit in the shade for a while. ;)

I am so glad my cat isn't into yarn. o.0

Biscotti are baked twice. That's why they are the way they are.

I would say I have PMS, but we both know that I'm just a moody bitch. *L*

It will pass, sweetie. I promise. Til next month. o.0


I am still going to recommend the knitting commune to bring us all out of the funk and give us more time to knit.

I'm just sayin' who needs the rest of the world when we have yarn and each other?

Another funked out friend.


That is an AWESOME picture! hehehehe...

I believe biscotti is made to dunk in coffee or tea, which is part of the reason it's so, ummmm, rock-like. You may want to put your dentist on speed dial...

"otherwise I might snap and go all Carrie on his ass." - this made me laugh out loud for a good two minutes! Thanks for the chuckle, and have a great, wonderful, quiet day!

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