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June 28, 2006


Cat Yoga!

She really is the coolest cat ever. Love that scarf!

Awww, poor baby needs some rain real bad before those gaps in the ground swallow her up whole! Your patio looks very nice and inviting, though.
Yay on the scarf. Did you find it fun to do, cables and all? I LOVE me my cables ;)

Dontcha just love that pattern? That's the one that I fretted and stressed over learning how to do cables. Mine was a solid off-white...I love the stripes even more.

Wish I'd thought of that...well, now I can copy you.



What a beautiful cat! She must be awfully happy in your patio! I love her face. And the scarf is lovely - the colors are great!

In our household we call that additional chair the "co-pilot chair." The co-pilot chair is essential in kitty households, especially if you have lap kitties and like to knit or work on the computer. It provides a close enough proximity for kitty without the helpful pawing at yarn or screens.

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