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May 15, 2006


I would like to take a moment to remind you of someone we both know. Someone who has a mostly functional brain and has been working with yarn based crafts for many years. A someone, who one Friday night not all that long ago tossed a brand new off Ebay skein of yarn onto her living room floor and started to crochet off it like it was a skein of Red Heart or something. It was black Cascade 220 and she said it looked like a dreadlock (SP?) wig before she was done with it.

Having said that...

Make the boyfriend help you. Make him hold the hank for you. He is the man you love. It's his job to help you with yarn. No, do not listen to Dave. Dave is wrong. A man's job is to hold the yarn.

I would suggest making a ball if you cannot use it in the hank form it arrived in. Then you can make whatever you want with it and it is much easier to make a hank from a ball.

I used the two chair method and it worked fine for me. However, I do not have a live-in man. I have a cat and she does not do yarn. It's in her union agreement. Always read the fine print on those things.

Ya know, it doesn't look that bad.

No, really.

Not that bad. I mean... kitty could have taken it on a walk or something. o.0

I think it's time for an intervention. I too was a member of the tangled up beyond recognition yarn skein club. I didn't photograph the photos of my disaster.

I have used my swift a ton since I started this dyeing stuff. But I have also used chairs, large cardboard boxes and hanging my head..my feet. Let me tell you, even with a fresh pedicure it was not pretty.

I say use the man..promise him wild sexual favors, anything to have those hands where you really want them--holding a skein of yarn. I vote with the try to make a ball or balls out of the mess I have heard that more than one ball can be fun.

Back to work!


It just takes alot of patience --and something like a movie to distract you--

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