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May 12, 2006


Did the Cascade Success come in other colors? Might work for Clapotis...

Does the honey know about this yarn? *L* And when does the dyeing happen?

Hey! If I'm going to spend all summer in a tangle of forgotten yarnovers, dropped stitches, and misplaced decreases, I'm bringing along as many people with me as I can. ;)

I haven't seen Cascade Success in my LYS. It looks yummy!!

I am having serious yarn envy tonight. I went to the LYS today and didn't buy anything, I just signed up for a class. Could that be because of all of the dyed yarn piled up around my knitting nook?

I am not sure I am ready for lace knitting yet..I am afraid I might kill someone out of frustration and I really am trying to stay out of prison these days.

I look forward to your progress photos.


"Oh and it's not far at all from my favorite naughty shop. *snicker* I can get yarn and a flogger on the same shopping trip. Wheeeeeeeeee!"

Oh, Otter...... *sigh*

(I knew there was a dark side...)

(and I'm SO surprised Ann had NOTHING to say about that quote!)

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