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April 25, 2006


Holy Crap!

I wish I did that well when I was sick. You are doing a great job. It's just beautiful, and I love that yarn. That reminds me... I still need to fix that hat I made out of that yarn. o.0

Do you really think you can go a whole week without buying yarn? What about starting a new project? :p

I like your chart thingy. You and Dave should join forces. I use a shopping list notepad and tick off the rows I'm doing. Although, since I want to do Clapotis next, I may have to find a better system. :?

Congratulations on taking up knitting! I’m just a newbie too, having started last September. I have the Irish Hiking Scarf on my “to do” list, and it will be my first attempt at cable, too. Yours looks great! I understand what you are saying about color too ~ completely. I walk into a fiber/yarn store and you nearly have to drag me out. I love the smell, the warmth. Yum.

Great looking scarf!

Especially with the different colours.
They remind me of something I can't quite bring to the top of my mind ... ice cream maybe?

Good job, and I hope you are recovered from the flu soon.

I use see-thru colored post-it note tape meant especially for following charts. I think it was originally for cross-stitchers, but it works great for following knitting charts too. I place it on the row I finished so it "underlines" the row I'm working.

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