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April 09, 2006


I had the same thought, but supposedly if you keep the blood warm as it goes through your hands, it will help to keep your fingers warm.

Back in the day, they were 'sweatbands'.

When did I get old. Wait... don't answer that.

I knit myself a pair of wristwarmers a few months ago. (I couldn't face knitting forever at an Irish Hiking scarf, so I just stopped when I got to wristwarmer length. And then knit another.)
BUT ... wearing them really, really made my fingers cold - a lot colder than I thought they should have been, given the air temperature. So I disagree with colleen's comment above.
While warm hands does mean warm blood in your hands, it also means that the warm blood is closer to the surface and therefore cools off quicker when it gets to your unprotected fingers.

The body's response to cold is for the blood to flow less abundantly to the outer areas - and it gets tricked by wrist warmers.
(Mind you it's been many years since I took a physiology course - IF that's where one learns about blood flow.)

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