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Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch Socks

Midnight in the Pumpkin Patch Socks

On September 27 2006 on a whim I grabbed some Wilton’s Dye and a hank of Superwash Wool sock yarn from knitpicks dyed my own Halloween sock yarn. I wanted to dye Pumpkin-ish yarn because all of my pumpkins were dying in the garden due to too much heat. This was my second time dying yarn.

I wanted it to be a mix of colors. Orange and Green for the Pumpkin and Stem and black or dark purple for the Midnight Sky… you know the witching hour. happy dance

I call it Midnight In The Pumpkin Patch. GRIN

I started knitting the first sock on September 30 2006 and completed it on November 3 2006.

I started knitting the second sock on September 21 2007 and finished it on September 27 2007.

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