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August 18, 2006



SWEEET!! I have been waiting for this!
I am a Reno girl and have been knitting for about a year and a a half and blogging for almost a year now.
can't wait to see who else is out there~
I will head over to the join page soon...


Yay! Another Renoite, no less!


*L* I guess I should sign in too.

I'm in Reno and I have been knitting since March 25th of this year. ;)

*Waves at my fellow Reno Knitters*

Barbara Clark

I think my last message disappeared---maybe because I don't have a blog? So I really can't join Nevada Knitters but thought I'd say Hello. I've been knitting for about 45 years (Yes I'm old). I've lived in Reno for almost the same amount of time!!!
Will love to follow the group anyway.


I'm a Nevada knitter and a very new blogger. Even after 10 years in residence, I do not know one other knitter in Henderson but that doesn't surprise me one bit. ;-)


Hello! (tap tap tap) Is this thing on? I think I got the link on my blog, hope it works. Details about me are there, so check in! :)


Sign me up.
I'm a Reno knitter, and a neophyte blogger. Hope I can figure out this Ring stuff.

Stair Gates

This site is very helpful.

Bed Rails

Good one.

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